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Website Builder Script

This script is great for selling any type of software, it uses the same 7 step script structure we use in all of our explainer/ sales videos. Use the structure and modify it for your own video.


So, you have this killer business idea.

And you just thought of a really catchy name.

You buy the domain and all that's missing is a website. 

Show a character working on a computer. Maybe add some animated icons i.e (lightbulb, website name, browser)


But creating websites is difficult and not to mention expensive. 

You can either do it yourself and get stuck in the mysterious land of code, or hire a website agency and send them a fat check of $10,000+. 

Don't scrap that idea just yet! 

Because there is a better way.

Show a complex screen of
code and difficult icons.



Add a logo animation of
your business. Maybe add a happy character. But make sure to show off your brand.


With {YOUR BUSINESS NAME} you can easily create a full-featured, professional looking website.

Show off a screen recording 
of your web design tool user interface and how easy it is to use.


You don’t need to know even 1 line of code. You just drag, drop, and amaze people with an aesthetic that speaks YOU. 

Show a drag & drop animation and then an amazing looking website.


Keeping it fresh and updated is also a breeze! Just edit and save. As simple as that.

show a save animation and then zoom out to an iMac with a great looking website scrolling.


And the best part? It won't cost you anything close to those expensive web agencies. 

Add a text slide and an animated icon of coins dropping or a wallet.


Go to {YOURWEBSITE.COM} and launch your business the smarter and faster way, online today! 

Add a text slide with "Goto {your website}" and have your logo animating.


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