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Video Marketing

It's just... Not great...

Do you want to make videos that are just... Good?

Or flippin-incredible?

Just good, isn't going to cut it much longer as videos are now
being created by literally EVERYONE.

The choice is huge, so your videos need to be AMAZING.

...But amazing isn't easy, especially if you're not an after
effects video whiz...

What if I told you, that's about to change?

Forget it...

Let me show you.

Click here to watch how to make FLIPPIN-INCREDIBLE videos

You can thank me later...

To your success,


Your videos all look the same...

Did you know…

On both Facebook & Instagram the videos that get the most views, clicks & engagement are “square” sized videos.

The reason is they take up 78% more space on the newsfeeds over standard 16 x 9 videos.

And what’s even more powerful with square videos, is that they’re also the BEST format for mobile viewers.

But creating Square videos is Hard… And often requires expensive & complex editing tools.

Not anymore, thanks to my new favourite video tool “CreateStudio”

Watch how easy it is to make engaging videos here {ADD YOUR LINK HERE}

In minutes you can not only create videos, but also turn any of your existing videos into social engaging square videos.

Add your own images, videos, text & even animated emojis & icons!

Once you’re done, hit publish and let the power of the square do its work for you!

Getting you more views, clicks & shares over social media!

Start making better social videos right here {ADD YOUR LINK HERE}

To your success,


😻MORE Views, LESS Work?

You want your videos to work for you...

And that's why you need to make EYE-CATCHY videos.

Because Facebook & YouTube are OVER Crowded with videos, so you need to make videos that DEMAND ATTENTION.

How can you do that?

Let me show you how I do it, with a little secret tool I just found!

This thing is UN-BELIEVABLE!

Watch how to make ATTENTION Grabbing Videos Here [LINK]



Animate SVG Images? Heck yes...

We've all got a bunch of SVG's lying around somewhere on our hard drive... Right?

Now's time to find them...


Because with an incredible new app called CreateStudio, you can now import SVG images and animate them with just a click!

And what's even cooler?

Because SVG's are vector based, they look pixel perfect in your videos!

Get CreateStudio here now & start animating!



One click animation? Really...

Until now, creating animations was only left for
a select few of After effects experts...

Having to create each unique animation using a million
keyframes and complex tools...

What if I told you that is no longer the case?
What if you could finally create animations with just a click?

Don't keep reading... Watch what I'm talking about here! {ADD YOUR LINK HERE}

A new software called CreateStudio just released which combines
the best of both animation worlds into one incredibly simple to use
animation software.

If you're a little bit savvy, you can create custom animations, and even adjust the easing of each animation. You can animate the position, size, opacity, rotation, colour, borders, shadows and more...

And if you're like me... 

You can simply select preset animations, preview them and in a click add that animation to any text, image or video!

This is NOT just a piece of cake... 

This is the WHOLE Gateau... 😅

Get your slice of animation history here now! {ADD YOUR LINK HERE}

To your success,


🎬 This is for those video content creators out there

Hey {name},

You probably understand the grueling process of producing engaging videos. 

Hundreds of little edits. 

Making sure the audio and visuals are synced up.

Testing if the video resolution fits all social media platforms.

I’ve got a special opportunity that could save you long hours of sleepless nights and working overtime.

It’s called CreateStudio.

An easy-to-use video animation software that allows anybody with no prior video editing skills to create engaging professional social media videos.

With thousands of assets, scenes, and templates that are drag and dropped, customize the perfect animation within minutes.

Catered for all social media platforms and devices, you can resize and edit the video for all your business needs.

No more editing.

No more testing.

Drag, Drop, and Preview.

That’s all you need to create appealing social media videos today.

Find out more about what they can offer by clicking the link below


🙏 Create Professional-Grade animations within a few clicks

Hey {name}

Imagine if you had the ability to create engaging animations and captivating storylines within hours? 

What about minutes?

Animation companies have been charging businesses thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands for these services for years, and now you can create these types of animations within a few clicks.

CreateStudios is a comprehensive video creation solution that comes with hundreds of preset animations that can be customized to your needs and requirements in minutes.

You have the freedom to adjust the position, size, opacity, colors, rotation, borders, shadows, and more of the text, image, or video you choose to insert in the animation.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Selecting a preset animation. 

  2. Customizing it to your own liking. 

  3. Previewing your creation

  4. Export the animation.

Currently, they’re offering a discount for the next few days.

Find out more about what they can offer by clicking the link below




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