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Upgrade now for just $37!


In just a few minutes you should recieve your login details, but before you go we want to give you a special opportunity to upgrade your CreateStudio account with our all access pass.

This is going to speed up your video creation by giving you hundreds of already made video templates that can be easily customised in just minutes. As well as access to every
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We know... you know... Creating killer videos, that grab attention and demand respect - take time! 

It's not like you can just snap your fingers, click a few buttons, hit render and "hey presto, you have a slick marketing video you can use to quickly turn heads & drive sales."

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You see, instead of you doing all the hard work, creating videos for your social media, ads, websites and clients from scratch...

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Our team of designer's, 2D & 3D animators and illustrators are quite simply video machines!

Who have already put together over 150+ "cream of the crop" video templates in all the most popular styles & niches ready for you to edit with your own text, make as many tweaks as you like, then all you need to do is push the magic "publish button"! 

All Access Pass

Unlimited access to our entire template library with over 150+ premium templates, 40 additional characters & every asset inside StudioBuilder.

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Done for you Templates


Premium 2d/3d characters


Animated assets


New templates every month

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150+ templates included!

As well as...

8x Extra 3D Characters

Instantly access 8 extra 3D show-stopping characters. These have all been custom designed, rigged and animated. By 3D design & animation specialist who have had 'one-to-one' training with artists and technicians from Pixar, Dream works, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network 

10x Elegant Characters

Get instant access to all our characters including our modern elegant characters. These characters have looping actions for each action so you can play them on a continual loop during each scene.

10x Colourful Characters

Get instant access to our abstract colour characters. These characters have been designed to allow you to add multiple actions to each character in a single scene. All actions start in an idle position, do the action then return to idle to ensure a seamless loop between actions.

15x Supreme Characters

Get instant access to an additional 15 Supreme characters. These characters will expand your range and offer you more options when creating videos. They're the perfect set of characters to make virtually any type of video for any business.

Unrestricted access to our premium
video creator's vault

Template Library

150+ Video Templates & Counting

All Assets

Access to 1000's of premium assets

50+ Animated Backgrounds

50 Animated Backgrounds

All Characters

40+ Extra Characters

Video Effects

Special Video Effects

Then every month get new templates,
characters & assets!

This would usually cost you tens of
thousands of dollars...

To put this special offer into perspective...

 Just one 3d character costs us $1200+ to design, rig and animate. 

We've already invested over $40k into all the characters & templates to ensure 
every video you create with CreateStudio is not just great but exceptional.

In the future we will be changing our template library into a marketplace where each 
template will cost between $10 & $50, and you'll no longer be able to get an all access pass. 

But right now you can get an all access pass to every template, and every character
and asset worth OVER $40k in real value...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many templates are included?

You get access to every template inside our marketplace which currently includes 150. Then every new template we create you'll continue to get all access, no need to purchase separate templates, simply open up the marketplace, select a template, edit and publish! 

Q. What new templates & assets will I get each month?

Each month we add new animated assets like motion graphics, animated icons, new characters in different design styles and formats to ensure you always have the most up to date and modern styles. 

Q. Is there any sign up fee or contract?

No! Usually you'd have to pay $297 just to sign up, but right now you'll get an all access pass for just $37. Then every month you continue with the all access pass it's just $37. If you'd like to stop using the all access pass, you can simply contact our support team and we will no longer charge you. No contracts and no obligations.

Q. Can I sell these videos to businesses?

Absolutely! You get a full commercial use license to create videos with our assets and templates, and there's no need to credit createstudio for the videos you create. The rights to the videos belong to you.

What you can not do is, separately sell assets as your own. 

So... how much is your time really worth to you?

My dad always told me, don't work harder - work smarter...

Let's say you were to create a video for a client, and you would charge an hourly rate of $40.
You need to create just 5 videos a month and each video takes you 4 hours. 

If you were to create all the videos from scratch, it would take you a lot of time and it would also cost you... 5 videos x 4 hours each = 20 hours x $40/hour = $800 of your time & money!

That requires a lot of manual work... So instead of working harder, listen to my Dad and... Work smarter!

Because your time is important and worth a whole lot more.
And right now for just $37 bucks, you can get your time back!

And you will also save hundreds of dollars, create unlimited premium videos with hand crafted
done-for-you templates - ready for you to create videos in just minutes!

I think you know what's the smarter decision...

Upgrade to All Access Now for just $37!

150+ Done-For-You Templates
All access pass to every asset in StudioBuilder
New assets & characters every month
Commercial use rights license 
40 extra characters (2d & 3d)
30 New Templates every month
50 animated backgrounds
You can sell videos to clients no royalties!

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