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Hi Creator! Josh here, Founder of CreateStudio.

For the past 8 years I have been in the video creation & marketing space. 

Whether it’s creating videos for clients, crafting some of there highest converting sales videos (including a video that did over $1 million in sales) or  building my own video creation & marketing software, I’ve done it all!

And for a long time I have been wanting to build my own video course to  unload all the knowledge I have in video creation, so you can also skip pass all my mistakes and get ahead making pro videos that actually get noticed.

So after months of deliberating, months of planning, I’ve finally finished building out the most in-depth video course that will equip you in building pro videos with CreateStudio!


The most comprehensive video creation &
DESIGN course for CreateStudio.

Here’s what you’re going to learn!

Section 1

 The Video Process

Ever feel like you open up CreateStudio, and don’t know what to do next? You want something to happen, but time goes by and you’re still a bit stuck?

Well, in this section we will go over the fundamentals of video creation. How to find ideas, create concepts, structure your videos, plan out your videos and more! Plus I give you a really easy to follow worksheet, to help you visualise and plan out your video together before you even start creating!

Section 2

Design Essentials

Suck at design? Well that’s kind of a problem… Because people do judge a video by its design. If it looks ugly, colours are bad, styling is off… Your clients won’t hire you and your business won’t grow!

Problem? Solved! In this section I break down design and show you what to do, and what NOT to do. We run through everything from text staying, colour palettes, size & contrast, scene design and loads more. This is one of my favourite sections and will help your videos look 10 - 100x better!

Section 3

Script Writing & Voiceovers

The script is essential to creating a well structured video that first of all gets attention, secondly present a problem and then finally offers the solution i.e your product or service. 

But crafting great scripts isn't easy unless you know what you're doing. Fret not, I've got you covered! I show you my simple 3 step process to creating amazing scripts, and also give you an awesome script writing guide to shortcut your way to compelling scripts!

Section 4

Animation Fundamentals

Want to learn how to animate like a boss? This section is for you! We get started by covering the main fundamentals of animating, so you'll know how it all works.

Then we'll start creating some project scenes inside of CreateStudio and animating them with custom animations & presets to give you some good practice creating and animating!

Section 5


In this section we go through and create an entire explainer video from scratch! Here you'll be able to see the entire process from start to finish and learn some awesome design & animation
 techniques you can apply to your future projects!

This is a really versatile video so you'll also be able to use this video as a promotional video for your video agency or for your other products & services!

Bonus Section #1

Video Agency

Learn the process of getting your first clients, to creating a monthly subscription model for your own Creative agency.

Bonus Section #2


In this section I take you through loads of scene designs and show you some awesome tricks to make your videos look 10x better!

Bonus Section #3


In this section, I walk through some awesome projects and show you how to create awesome videos from scratch! Just watch & learn amigo.

Because here's the thing... 

Just having the Perfect Paint brush...
Won't make you paint like Picasso...

Let me explain...

Imagine if you could take your paint brush to Pablo Picasso and sit down with him for a few hours, allow him to teach you how to turn your average images into extra-ordinary pictures that people pay to see!

That’s what the right kind of knowledge can do for you. 

With CreateStudio you have an incredibly powerful animation software, and with Motion Secrets you'll unlock the secrets on how to use it effectively to create videos that look like they were designed by a video master!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is this course designed for?

This course is made for both beginner & more advanced video creators. Whether you'd like to run your own video agency or just make better videos, this course is perfect for you.

It combines roughly 50% content based training on loads of important topics like design, script writing, video processes, working with clients and more. The other half of the course is more practical over the shoulder training inside CreateStudio. 

Q. Q. Can I watch this course anytime? (Are videos pre-recorded?)

Yes, all content is available to access right away inside the MotionSecrets members area, so you can watch and learn at your own pace! 

Q. What is your refund period?

Like all our products, your purchase comes with a full 30 day no risks, no questions money back guarantee! 

Q. Why is the price so low?

When we were planning this course, we were initially going to sell it for $497, though we wanted to make this training more accessible for more of our users. Right now, you can get access for the lowest possible price. Once the timer ends we will be bumping the price up and not making it at this price again.

Q. Who is the instructor on this course?

The instructor is our very own CEO & Co-Founder at CreateStudio Josh Ratta. He has been working in the video industry for 8+ years, having begun his career as a video creator before establishing the video software company Vidello.