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Our Pro Media Library Including 300+ Custom Audio Tracks, SoundFX & Direct Integration with Pixabay

Upgrade with 1 Click Instant Pro Media Now!

Because no one likes paying £375
for just one 10 second clip... 

When creating videos, you absolutely need media...

I'm talking about video footage, audio tracks, images, soundfx ... 
It's essential if you want to make any type of video. 

But stock footage is expensive. 
Just one video clip on sites such as Getty Images costs £375

Although if you're making videos for clients or using media on your YouTube videos, you must have fully licensed media, or else you can get in big legal trouble and also lose your YouTube channel. 

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And why waste hours of time searching for quality media...

Imagine being able to instantly find video footage, images, backgrounds, audio tracks and sound effects without ever needing to leave your CreateStudio app.

Instead of wasting hours searching the web for media that you're not 100% sure you can use on all commercial projects, we have a better solution!

One that will save you hours of time, and make accessing fully licensed and royalty free media for all your videos, as easy as three simple clicks!

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The ultimate media upgrade for CreateStudio
Audio Library

Instantly access hundreds of professional royalty-free audio tracks & sound effects to make your videos pop!

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The ultimate media upgrade for video creation
directly inside CreateStudio


Instantly access millions of videos, images & audio
tracks directly inside CreateStudio

Hundreds of royalty-free audio tracks

We've also built an incredible audio library with 1 click imports. These tracks were custom made by professional sound artists, 
and have been created in 12 of the most popular music genres.

Hundreds of Premium SoundFX

We hired some of the best soundfx artists who also created custom soundfx for our characters! Simply search for a soundfx and import it into your media library with one click!

Millions of images & videos & PNG illustrations with our Pixabay integration

With our direct integration with Pixabay, you can now instantly import videos, images & even PNG illustrations. Then you can add animations and make videos at turbo speed.

Make your videos truly pop with our custom made SoundFx!
Can you hear the difference?

WithOut SoundFX

With SoundFX dude!

Everything included with MediaStudio

Millions of Professional Images

100's & thousand's of videos

Hundreds of audio tracks

Hundreds of sound effects

Millions of royalty-free media with full commercial
use rights, No expensive monthly fees!

Being able to instantly access all the kinds of media you need for your
videos directly inside your CreateStudio app is just one click away.

You need media and now we're making it super easy so you can concentrate on simply
making better videos without paying hundreds of dollars for just one single clip.

Shortly the price will be increasing to $197 for this upgrade but right now we're 
cutting 50% off the price and giving you access for just $97!

Upgrade your account with Media Studio!

For just $97!(Usually $197)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this media in commercial videos even with clients?

Yes! All our media and media on Pexels & Pixabay is fully royalty-free. You can use our audio tracks, soundFX and all the footage you import from both Pexels and Pixabay in an unlimited amount of videos, even with videos you sell to clients.

Are your audio tracks fully royalty free?

Absolutely, 95% of our tracks were custom made from scratch and specifically for our company. So we own full rights to the tracks and grant you a full use license to the tracks. You are licensed to use the audio in any video you create without attribution. 

The tracks however are intellectual property of CreateStudio and Vidello Limited, and can NOT be sold as seperate audio tracks or given away for free. 

Are the SoundFX easy to use with characters?

Yes! We hired 2 sound companies to create specific soundFx for the animated characters! So you can really enhance your videos with characters specific sounds that have been matched to the characters actions, as well as add fun effects such as bike bells, whoosh, pops, explosions and other cool effects to really bring your videos to life!

Can I use the audio & media in YouTube content?

Absolutely! This royalty-free media is perfect for your YouTube content and literally any other type of media you want to create!