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Animation made easy for everyone!

CreateStudio enables everyone to easily create incredible videos for any kind of purpose in just minutes.

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Create incredible videosin just minutes!

Create videos that actually look like they were made by Pixar studio! Simply select a character, choose an action and animate! Great for explainer videos and also eye-candy on your social media post.

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Complex animations. Drag & drop simplicity!

Create complex animations and effects with click, drag & drop functionality! We take out the complexity, and allow you to make complex animations with ease.

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Import & animate your own media

Import your own images, videos, audio & even SVG’s. You can then add animations and effects to make your videos & media truly come alive!

Quickly build your videos on our drag & drop timeline!

Drag and drop your media, and add animated elements such as emojis, characters, images & icons from our built in media library, to build videos fast!

Watch our quick walkthrough demo

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Speed up your animating with motion presets

Animating has never been so easy. Simply click to preview and click to add the animation to your layer. You can also create custom animations on our timeline for more advanced flexibility.

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Create your own custom animations and easing

Create your own custom animations. Animate any property and also adjust the easing of each unique animation. This offers true power and flexibility for advanced animation!

Import media from Pexel’s with one click into your video project

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Easily Create Premium Character Explainer Videos

Quickly & easily remove any background colour from both videos & images to create your own green screen videos. Works with any colour background. 

Animated Emojis, Backgrounds & Motion Graphics

Simply drag & drop animated emoji’s, motion graphics, transitions, icons and more to quickly create great looking videos!

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So what can you Create?

Create Teaser Videos

Quickly create incredible teaser styled videos to promote your own products are services. This video was completely designed and animated inside CreateStudio.

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Create Promotional Videos

Showcase your own videos and images with sleek and modern promotional videos. Mask your media with different shapes and animaste them for elegant styles.

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Create Explainer Videos

Quickly create stunning videos by simply selecting pre-made characters, assets & elements and customise to your own brand and style.

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Create all kinds of videos in all kinds of sizes!

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Square Video Wrappers

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Vertical Mobile Stories

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Logo Intros & App Slides

Green screen editing

Quickly & easily remove any background colour from both videos & images to create your own green screen videos. Works with any colour background. 

Linear & Radial Gradients

Add stunning gradients to any shape or text layer to create incredible designs. You can also use the eye dropper tool to select colours from the canvas, as well as add colours to your favourites for quick access.

Everything included with your purchase of CreateStudio Today!


Download & install CreateStudio on Mac & Windows operating systems.

Timeline Editor

Easily edit videos with our drag& drop timeline editor.

Unlimited Exports

Create & export unlimited videosin any resolution even 4k!

Text Typography

Create kinetic text typography videos and more.

Animation Presets

Easily animate anything with incredible 1-click animation presets.

Motion Builder

Quickly build videos with drag & drop scenes & assets.

Animated Elements

Quickly add animated shapes and elements onto your videos.

15 Animated Characters

Create explainer styled videos with incredible animated characters.


Make fun and engaging social videos with animated emojis.

Green Screen

Easily remove colours and edit green screen footage in just a click.

SVG Compatible

Import and animate SVG imagesand even adjust colours.

Create Masks

Add masks and animate elements inside and outside mask layers.

Shape Library

Access our entire vector based shape library and animate!

Training Videos

Easily learn how to create cool animations with simple tutorials.

Custom Animations

Easily create unique custom animations with any element.

Shadows, Borders & More

Add shadows, borders & other design elements to your layers.

Loved by the very Best Video Experts & Entrepreneurs

Mark Thompson – CEO Paykickstart

“We use video every day in our business to engage viewers over social media and convert visitors on our website. With CreateStudio you can create virtually every kind of video you would need as an entrepreneur or online business owner, and you can quickly and easily do it with style! The perfect video tool for anyone who wants to make premium videos without complex time consuming editing.”

Choose the right license for your needs

Commercial Use License


One-time payment only

CreateStudio Desktop Software Unlimited video exportsInstall on 2 deviceGreen screen editing200 assets in MotionBuilder20 Animated CharactersText animationsAnimate SVG’sPexel’s Integration20 Done-for-you templates100 Animation PresetsCreate videos for clientsBuy CreateStudio NowSub Text

Most Popular

Commercial Use License With Pro Media


One-time payment only

CreateStudio Desktop Software Unlimited video exportsInstall on up to 2 devicesGreen screen editing200 assets in MotionBuilder20 Animated CharactersText animationsAnimate SVG’s100 Animation PresetsPexels Integration20 Done-for-you templatesCreate videos for clientsBuy CreateStudio NowSub Text

Jeremy Gislason

Co-founder PromoteLabs Inc

“Create Studio makes you feel like you are working in a Pixar studio, it’s that good plus it’s fun to use!”

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying CreateStudio we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just email us at [email protected] or submit a support ticket at https://support.createstudio.com and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days. NOTHING could be more fair than that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software a one time purchase?

Yes! Right now we’re offering CreateStudio for just a super discounted one time payment. You won’t be charged again after this purchase to use the CreateStudio software and all the features advertised on this page…

Included in this main offer is lifetime access to the CreateStudio software, enabling you to create an unlimited amount of videos. You also get 40 free done-for-you templates, 20 animated characters, animated icons, and loads of pre-made assets.

We do have an upgrade available where you can get an all-access-pass to all our templates, characters and animated assets for $37/mo, which is an optional addition.

Which license is right for me?

For non-profit organisations, charities and churches, the personal use license should be a great fit,  allowing you to make videos freely within your organisation. If you are a business or entrepreneur and plan to use videos for commercial use, then the commercial use license is the right one for you. 

Commercial content examples include but are not limited to; (Video ads, social media content promoting a product or service, YouTube content creators leveraging the ads platform, videos to be used on websites or landing pages, and any other purposes that are intended to endorse a product or service.

Can I sell these videos to businesses?

Yes! If you purchase the commercial license, you are free to create an unlimited number of videos for your own business and also for clients. 

Is there any sign up fee or contract?

No, when you purchase CreateStudio today, you’re getting lifetime access to the CreateStudio software No subscription fees or additional costs. You will also receive free software updates and feature improvements for a year. Your software will always be supported and maintained.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full 30 day 100% money back guarantee! If for any reason you feel CreateStudio is not right for you, you can simply write into us at [email protected] and we will refund tyour payment 100%, no questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot! 

How many characters do I get?

In our main offer on this page you get 17 free characters to use in your videos. 4x 3D characters and 13x 2D characters. We will have options to purchase additional characters separately in the coming months. Or you can purchase our all access pass inside the members eras to gain access to every asset, template and character.

Do you provide video tutorials?

Absolutely! You can check out our step-by-step video tutorials on our official YouTube channel. CreateStudio Official. Also easily accessible within the CreateStudio application.

Is this a subscription based product?

No, it’s a one time payment and you get lifetime access to CreateStudio software. You can create an unlimited amount of videos at no extra cost. We do offer an optional template club subscription, but the offer on this page is access to the core CreateStudio software, which also includes 17 free animated characters, 20 done-for-you templates, 20 animated emojis, kinetic text slides, all our 1-click motion presets, 20 animated backgrounds, green screen editing and much more.

How can I contact support?

You can either get in touch by email at [email protected], or by visiting our support desk at https://support.createstudio.com. Here you will find a wide range of helpful resources, an indepth knowledge-base, as well as the option to submit a support ticket. Our help desk is available 24/7, and we endeavour to respond to each request within 24 hours. Due to the launch response times may vary. 

Ready to make incredible videos?

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CreateStudio is a desktop video animation software, designed to give creators the freedom to create, with ease of use & full flexibility.


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