Day 6
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🤙Here’s Some Great Advice I Got

Here’s some of the best marketing advice I ever done got:

If you are not copying something that works and making it better, then you’re wasting your time. A good digital marketer knows how to inject creativity and make videos that steal your audience’s attention

What does this mean?

People in the market try to look for the ‘next best’ thing.

These are the ones who usually fail.

Most successful businesses take what’s already in the market and make it better.

Facebook copied Myspace.

Microsoft copied Apple

Lyft copied Uber

And today you can do the same with 2D & 3D animated explainer videos.

Currently, it costs over $2,500 to make a minute video, with a 6-week turnaround.

That’s why CreateStudio is so powerful. Just like Facebook, Microsoft, and Lyft, they copied what was in demand and made it better.

CreateStudio allows you to create these animated videos in less than a minute. No prior video editing skills are needed since there are thousands of assets, scenes, and templates that can be dragged and dropped, allowing you to customize the perfect animation within minutes.

The special launch $X discount sale ends in mere hours.

Hit the jump below to grab it while the grabbin’ is still good:


🤯The biggest mistake I’ve ever made

Hey {name},

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made... is waiting.

Waiting for the opportunity to come to me instead of going out there and getting it myself.

Many people are afraid of the risks associated with everything they do. Often forgetting about the results that they could get when they succeed.

What if created and tested hundreds of videos posts and ads just to find that one that goes viral --- Would it be worth it?

What if you found a client who loved the turnaround and quality you provided from the animated videos that you produced (on CreateStudio) --- Would it be worth it?

So ask yourself with CreateStudio, will it be worth it when your business becomes successful, and you’re earning thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands per month from a single investment?

CreateStudio is currently having a one-time price until midnight.

Once the hand reaches to the number 12, it’s back to $X.

If your hands are quick, you can save $Y.

Are you going to miss another opportunity again, if not, go to:



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