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🙃 I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what

P.S. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what --- but I’ve been getting LOTS of questions about how influencers and brands can create new engaging animated videos every single day (not just engaging, but converts into sales)

Well, guess what?

Maybe there IS something in the water.

Because that’s exactly what CreateStudio provides.

A comprehensive video creation solution that comes with hundreds of pre-designed social media posts & ads that can be customized to your target audience in minutes.

Here’s what you get with our animation software:

  • Hundreds of animation preset that allows you to make explainer videos with 1-click

  • Add 2D & 3D animated characters like Pixar onto your videos within a few seconds

  • macOS & Windows Compatible

  • Green Screen Editing

  • Social Media Compatibility where videos can be resized to fit specific resolutions

I’d be very surprised if any business or individual who used our software wouldn’t instantly convert more sales just from one video.

A bold claim?

I suppose it is.

But I stand by every word.

To join the X+ number of businesses and individuals who already use CreateStudio for their Social Marketing Needs, go to:


😉 Questions you’re probably itching to have answered

Hi {YourName},

“Is CreateStudio really that brain dead easy... just click and animate?”

“Do I need video editing experience to make attractive videos on CreateStudio?”

“Is it REALLY that easy to create animations for the average person?”

These are a few “frequently asked questions” I get every day from people who are sick and tired of videos that they put on their social media ads that don’t convert, but are skeptical and don’t want to jump into anything without doing their due diligence.

This is a GOOD thing, too.

You’re very smart to be skeptical.

Especially when it comes to the business world.

Here are a few facts about CreateStudio:

  • It’s a desktop video animation & editing software

  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows

  • Create explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters

  • Resize and Adjust resolution for different social media platforms

  • You just need to know how to click a mouse to make engaging and attention-stealing video ads

  • You can import videos, images, audio, and even SVG files and quickly edit and animate them!

  • You can create your own animations or use presets already made for you

Need more convincing?

Go to: {Link}


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