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Add additional licenses for your team members
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Virtual Assistant License


Usually $297

Get 3 additional licenses
for CreateStudio to be used by your
virtual assistants or team members.

Agency License


Usually $497

Get 6 additional licenses
for CreateStudio to be used by your
agency team members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which license is right for me?

If you are a business who require more than 3 additional users, the agency license is the right one for you.

If you are a marketer/ small business owner and only need a few additional licenses, then the VA license is for you. This allows you to issue virtual assistants or additional team members a license to use CreateStudio to assist you in making videos for your business or organisation.

How do I grant access to my team members?

Once you purchase additional licenses, you will receive an email with your extra license codes. You can then copy a license code, and from your accounts page inside your CreateStudio account, you can add an email address of a team member, paste the license code, and we will automatically create an account for your team member and they will receive an email with access details.

Can I sell these licenses?

No. These licences are only valid for internal team use within your business or organisation. It is strictly against out terms and conditions to sell or share licenses. We have the rights to close down accounts if our terms are abused.

How many installs per license?

Each additional license comes with 1 installation. So for 3 licenses, you can install CreateStudio on 3 extra devices for you or your team members.