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Hey creator, I just want to thank you grabbing your copy of CreateStudioPro today.

You’re going to find that you have everything you need to create super engaging, professional videos that will help you convert more website visitors into customers.

But before you download CreateStudioPro, we’ve got a very special offer for you that’s going to help you create way better videos with the software than you could otherwise…

So give me just 2 minutes of your time to explain. If you’re like myself and the majority of our users, you’re going to really like what I’m about to show you…

Unlock our Platinum
Video Vault

Now as awesome as CreateStudioPro is, a lot of customers have told us that they’d love to have even more characters, templates & video resources that they can use, so they have an even bigger variety when they’re making their videos.

And so we’ve done exactly that, because the more characters, templates and resources you have, the better the videos you’re going to be able to create. And the better the videos that you create, the more you’re going to be able to sell.

And you won’t have to spend
$40,000+ like we did…

Our incredible creative team have put together this huge pack of additional characters & resources which have cost us well over $40,000 to create.
(and no, that’s not a flashy statement).

Each 3D character we create costs us on average $1,200 to design, rig & animate.

But instead of you having to pay the hefty fee, we’ve done it already and we’re making this entire pack available for a very special one off price, right now on the page!

Introducing the

Platinum Video Vault

Unlock our huge vault of additional characters, templates & video resources to enhance your creativity!

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Lifetime access to our
Platinum Video Vault

Unlock premium video elements & done-for-you templates for a one time price.

50x Done For You Templates

50x Extra Characters

100x Extra Scroll Stoppers

400+ Visual Effects

Doodle Builder

Bobble Heads Creator

Everything included in our Platinum Video Vault

(Usually $99)



With our doodle builder resource pack you get 12 animated whiteboard characters, 100’s of doodle effects, paper transitions, doodle icons & doodle scenes to give you pro resources to rock whiteboard animations.

100+ Doodle Effects

12x Doodle Characters

200+ Whiteboard Icons

Arrows & Scribbles

40+ Paper Transitions

VIDEO VAULT #2 (Usually $99)


With our Bobble heads character builder you can literally build your own character’s, adding your face, your families faces & yes even the queen! Including easy step by step tutorials, you’ll have a blast with these hilariously funny characters.

30x Characters

20 Done For You Scenes

Loads of Backgrounds


400+ VISUAL EFFECTS (Usually $99)

Access over 16 categories of visual effects. Including snow, fire, explosions, electric, particles & even incredible ground breaks!







Glass Breaks

Ground breaks









VIDEO VAULT #4 (Usually $99)


Get an additional 100+ scroll stopping effects & extra done-for you templates, plus lifetime membership to all new scroll stoppers we create!

VIDEO VAULT #5 (Usually $290)

10x Extra 3d Characters

You’re getting 10 extra 3d characters, usually we sell these characters for $29 each/total $290. But you’re not even going to pay anything close to that, thanks to our Platinum video vault!


50 Done For You Templates (Usually $470)

And to save you even more time we’re giving you 50 done-for-you templates you can edit, customise and even sell to clients!

Giving you even more creative possibilities!

Unlock our Platinum Video Vault Now
& Save Over $1,100+

Now, I know I’ve covered a lot, so let me just quickly summarize everything you’re going get if you upgrade to Platinum membership today.

You’re going to get 400+ visual effects in 16 different effects categories. Add explosions, smoke, fire, particles, light leaks & much more to give your content engaging effects.

Usually $99

You’re going to get our entire doodle builder bundle pack with loads of doodle characters, a stickman, paper transitions, doodle effects & icons!

Usually $99

You’re getting our brand new Bobble heads character creator which allows you to create your own characters with your own faces! Add literally any face and make unique funny characters in minutes!

Usually $99

You’re getting 100+ extra scroll stopping effects, plus lifetime membership to all new scroll stoppers we create in future releases for free!

Usually $99

You’re getting 10x additional premium 3D characters to give you even more variety with your character explainers. Each of these characters cost us around $1,200 to create & animate.

Usually $290

You’re getting 50 done for you templates you can use to quickly edit and publish and sell even to clients!

Usually $470

Bonus: 10x Cutimals 3D animal characters we’ve also thrown in 10 of our cute animal characters as a special bonus!

Usually $49

Total value: $1,205+

What you pay today: JUST ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF $97

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Included

*Clicking here will charge your card an additional $97.

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Once you upgrade, all your new characters, templates & video resources will be automatically added to your CreateStudioPro account, where you can easily access them & use them on an unlimited number of projects for you & even for client videos!

So, go ahead and click the “Upgrade my Order” button below, right now, to take your videos to the next level with the biggest and best CreateStudioPro resource bundle we have to offer.

Onetime special upgrade offer

Usually $1,205+ (Huge discount) Today JUST $97


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Included

*Clicking here will charge your card an additional $97.